Dedicated to those who have failed a grade or an exam and are feeling ashamed or angry

Suyan Budhoo - Student Coach Durban
Success Focus Pty LtdStudent Scholar Coach

After making you, God broke the mould, that is how special you are. Todays piece is dedicated to those who have failed a grade or an exam and are feeling ashamed or angry to go back to school or try again. I realize that it cannot be easy to face those same students that made fun of you last year or to go back to a grade when all your friends have moved on. Yes, it is hard, but nobody said life was going to be easy.

Someone said “fail as early as possible”, I never understood that but I believe I do now. Some people sail through their schooling years with ease and sometimes through University too. They do not know what it means to go through the pain that comes with failing early on in life. These very people that did so well early on life, did not have the opportunity to build up their strength. For those who failed early on in life, they have become stronger and possess that courage and perseverance it takes to handle any challenge that they may face. Failing early in life is actually beneficial to the soul, it equips you with all the skills you will need to overcome the obstacles you will face at a later stage.

Business Motivational Speaker
Focus on Success – Life Coach Johannesburg

A learned man was once asked by a disciple “Sir what is worse than losing everything?” the learned man responded “ It is worse to lose hope that you will regain everything again”. This is the essence of life, never give up hope. After winter comes summer, and the trees go from bare and lifeless to green. Nature is imparting knowledge to you, look and listen. You are now in the winter of your life, and just as the seasons change your life too will change. All you have to do is remain calm and never give up on yourself.

After every storm there is a rainbow, but without the storm you will never see the rainbow. Remain open to challenges, as these challenges can turn into opportunities for you to become a stronger. Start to look for the good in every situation, and you will and must find it.

Suyan Budhoo
Comensa Certified
Scholar-Student Coach and Motivational Speaker Pretoria


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