Financial Coaching

Finance Consultant Johannesburg

During our financial coaching we focus on coaching skills and financial skills.  The content of our coaching includes taking a detailed personal history of the client.  The reason for  us looking at his/her history is so that we can understand his model of the world, his perceptions and what he projects onto the world.  Once we are clear on his understanding, we then teach cause and effect, as well as the effects of thoughts and words on our outcomes (NLP). Once we discover the root cause of the problem, we begin to eliminate past negative emotions, using various coaching tools and skills, eg timeline healing.

Often people who experience problems have limiting beliefs, as a coach we use further skills such as parts integration to delete these limiting beliefs.  Ultimately the coaching skills we use are designed to replace negative behavior that is not serving the client or causing harm to himself, his career, finances and/or family life with new behaviors.  With the use of powerful questioning, motivational interviewing, listening  and communication skills and smart goal setting our clients are able to breakthrough any negative behavior they may have previously succumbed to.

Our certified debt counselor will then provide the client with expert advice on topics like credit, debt, budgeting and savings. However because we are not financial advisers, should we feel that the client further requires the services of a financial adviser, we may refer the client to an expert.  We concentrate on coaching skills content and then relate this back to financial skills. Contact us for Further Detail……….


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